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Think Big! Dream Big! Live Big!

Take your performance in sport and life to a whole new level!

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Be your BEST when it counts the MOST!

Frustrated?   Distracted?   Tentative?

Lack Confidence?   Can’t Focus?   Disinterested?

If one of these describe you, then you’re in the right place!


Congratulations…you’re about to learn how to reach your optimal mindset, train your mind to stay in the zone, and kick your competitions’ butt!

Many athletes refer to “playing in the zone”, this is referred to when an athlete appears to have one of those games where things come easy, the game comes naturally and everything comes together. Getting in this “ZONE” is what I am sure YOU are seeking. Staying is this sport zone requires the deliberate training of crucial mental skills. For well over a decade, Shaun Goodsell of the Mental Edge has provided expert mental skills coaching to athletes of all ages. Shaun has coached thousands of athletes competing at all levels to  grow their mental toughness skills. Now, you too can develop the same  skills that elite athletes are using to Stay in the Sport Zone. Being in the sport zone allows you to play with unshakeable confidence, create laser focus, use emotions to fuel performance, and engage in peak performance practice habits. These skills have propelled many to realize dreams, work through challenges, and compete at levels never believed possible. However, it is what happens outside the sport that can be exciting, too. Many are beginning to see the connection between success in their sport and success in their life outside of their sport. My hope for you is that you have your own athletic accomplishments, and as important, you find success in your ENTIRE life. Do not miss this great opportunity to take your performance in sport and life to a whole new level.

Think Big, Dream Big, and Live Big!  THIS IS YOUR TIME!

“Success can be defined as the practice of small disciplines consistently over time. Failure can be defined as errors in judgment practiced consistently over time”.  ~Jim Rohn Making the progress you desire towards the goals you deeply long for, requires that you discipline yourself to engage in the actions that qualify you to accomplish them. To do so means we’ll need to build a number of skills together that you will utilize along the way. With the Stay In The Sport Zone Video Coaching, you’ll work one-on-one with National Sports Performance Coach, Shaun Goodsell of Mental Edge on the crucial skills that will enable you to manage the journey toward becoming…



Being an athlete requires that you train and develop your PHYSICAL skills AND your MENTAL skills to help unleash your mind to elevate your performance as well as play with consistency.


Your mind, much like your physical size and strength, can be a powerful asset or deficit to you as an athlete.


People tend to think that simply thinking positively is all there is to being mentally skilled. Although it is true, being positive is an asset, there are more skills to be learned that will elevate you to higher levels of performance and experience.


Stay In The Sport Zone Video Coaching highlights the most important mental skills that elite athletes all over the world are using to elevate themselves, as well as, gain an edge on their competition.


With Stay In The Sport Zone Video Coaching you will be trained in those VERY SAME core mental skills.

  • The framework for development is to TEACH each of these core mental skills. This will include a CLEAR description of each concept.
  • I will then provide examples of HOW to apply the concept to your sport. The expectation is that you will TRY/EXPERIMENT with the concept that fits best for you.
  • Once you have TRIED and found a personalized way to utilize the concept, then I want you to TRAIN that principle repetitively within the framework of your practice and competition.[/red_arrow_list]

Guess what?

What you put into this coaching is what you will get out of it!

Invest yourself in learning, applying, and repeating these skills and your life will never be the same again! I am here to be your personal sports performance coach along the way.

“Confidence, just pure confidence. Coaching gave me a sense of ‘I’m here and I’m ready to do something.  My mental side of my game isn’t going to hold me back.’ Coaching will help you grown mentally, help you think through things and think the game better…it will do that AND it will do something else, something else clicks inside of you. When you learn from Shaun and you go through the process it can’t be explained but there’s something that clicks and it just feels good and everybody likes that feeling!”
“I struggled with injury after injury with my sport and about 3 injuries into it I was about ready to give it up, the depression was setting in based on experiences I gone through.  Shaun’s coaching helped me figure out was what going on in my head and heart and I was able to smile and have hope. The experience has been unbelievable! For a kid that doesn’t have everything figured out, Shaun has a way of coaching that really helps teenagers figure things out when things are tough; when they need advice. Sign up! I can promise you that you will have and unbelievable experience.”
“I couldn’t have done any of my accomplishments without coaching with Shaun. I’m a lot more calm, take situations in a calm manner, I don’t as angry as I used to, I can focus on tasks now I couldn’t even imagine doing when I was a younger, and I’ve learned to become a leader thru the coaching. I now always think of others before myself and I never would’ve gotten that without the Stay in the Sport Zone Coaching.”

“Before coaching with Shaun, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to perform in school, sports and anything at really high levels. This just wasn’t helping me reach my goals because I was always beating myself up and looking at things pretty negatively. I just wanted to change that. Once I started coaching with Shaun, he helped me reach my goals faster and more easily.  For me it was just one thing keeping me from taking it to the next level, that got cleared up, without me putting pressure on myself. I’d tell “High Acheivers” to sign up for Stay in the Sport Zone Coaching so Shaun can help them too. I’m more confident and I’m enjoying life a lot more now than I was before!”

So…how does all this work?

With each new Stay in the Sport Zone Video Coaching module you’ll be trained on new mental skills concepts that will help you reach your optimal performance mindset.

Stay in the Sport Zone Video Coaching is an at-home coaching program that will provide you a step-by-step approach on how to build these vital sport zone skills:

MODULE 1:  Moving from Frustration to Fire

Understanding your (sometimes intense) emotions

How to define and manage your expectations

Realistic vs. Unrealistic

Expectations and interpretation of your performance

Igniting your fire

MODULE 2:  Building Laser Focus

It all starts with Attention (your Mental Energy)

Actions are your Results Creators

Quality of your Outcomes

Dealing with Distractions

The Formula for Laser Focus

MODULE 3:  Becoming Unshakably Confident

Breaking down Confidence Myths

What REALLY is Confidence?

A Framework for Building Unshakable Confidence

Specific Thinking Skills for Building Confidence

30-Day Confidence Building Plan

MODULE 4:  Peak Performance Practice (3P)

Quality Practice is one Secret to Peak Performance

Practice Principles

Peak Performance Practice Mindset

3P Preparations

3P Preparation Routine

MODULE 5:  Powerless to Empowered

Powerless vs. Empowered Defined

Psychology 101: What happens when we compete.

Actions of the Empowered vs. the Powerless

5 Secrets to Being Empowered

MODULE 6:  Moving Beyond Your Fear of Failure

Competition Confident

Fear of Failing Perceived Threats

How Internal Pressure Leaves You Vulnerable

Learning from Failure and Disappointment

30 Days to Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

BONUSES:  LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Shaun Goodsell including Q&A time for you

Private Facebook Group just Stay in the Sport Zone members!

VIP Access to future video coaching trainings

Elite Performance Tips



Each module will give you ideas of how to apply the concept during your practices. Each will offer different examples of applying the concept so you can find what works for you.

You will experience a clear description of each principle as well as practical applications to ensure your ability to apply each principle to your life and sport.

Going through these powerful trainings

& routinely practicing the practical points of application

will help you gain a perspective that will translate to

deeper satisfaction, better performance,

& an overall greater enjoyment in your sport and life.

Stay in the Sport Zone Coaching trains YOU with the VERY SAME Mental Skills utilized by top performing athletes around world.

Your Stay in the Sport Zone Video Coaching will train you how to maximize your life and sport.

The desire for this program is to invest in you and give you the opportunity to develop personally as well as athletically.

Learning each of these mental skills and applying them to your life and performance will truly give you a mental edge on your competition and train you to stay in the sport zone!


   I can’t wait to start working with you and reveal what your “Zone” in sport and life looks like!